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QA Tester

This role is a fully remote position and open to candidates located between the time zones UTC+02:00 to UTC-06:00. It is a part-time, 12-month contract with the possibility to extend. About Relevant Bits We are award-winning creators of e-commerce and community experiences. Relevant Bits’ mission is to solve big problems through data-driven design and technology. Our […]

Senior Full-Stack Javascript Developer

Are you an empathetic full-stack developer who is passionate about design? If so, we would love to hear from you. Relevant Bits is looking for an experienced JavaScript developer to help lead our team in developing elegant e-commerce and community solutions using Node.js and React. You will be joining a small, diverse, and friendly team […]
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Top B2B E-Commerce Trends that Will Stay in 2022 and Beyond

Today’s B2B e-commerce business trends borrow from yesterday’s business trends. While this has been the norm since the era of barter trade, people didn’t have to rely almost solely on technology to keep their businesses afloat until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Businesses learned to rely on technology to navigate the challenging changes, and 2021 has […]
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45. In a world without offices, what is a company?

I spent over 20 years defining my identity within the walls of a corporate office. Outside of the work, which most days I loved, that space created memories, laughter, joy, sadness, and relationships that I treasure to this very day. I enjoyed tossing around an idea at a colleague’s desk, brainstorming in front of a […]
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Are computers biased? Knowing the risks of machine learning

We live in a world with an exponential dependence on artificial intelligence and machine learning. From fraud detection to medical diagnostics, we trust computers to handle an increasing number of tasks once managed by their human counterparts. But in doing so, can we be confident that the decisions and recommendations are made free of bias […]