Faces of the
Bits Brigade 

Meet our talented group of creatives, engineers, and project match-makers.

We’re a network of past acquaintances and former colleagues, living around the world and brought together by the desire to do better and be better. 

We physically exist in Canada, Hungary, England, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, and the U.S. but are virtually connected everyday.

But what makes us different? Well, we think we're just the right combination of drive, intelligence, quality, humor, kindness, creativity, and humanity.

Leadership Team

Edward de Groot - CEO

Edward has over 20 years experience designing and building innovative technology platforms for many of the largest digital media properties in Canada. After forming and leading the digital application teams at Hollinger Digital and Canwest Global, Ed went on to create the Digital Innovation team at Postmedia, working as an internal consultant in their adoption of new technologies and in the successful launch of their 2.0 digital news platform.

His passion and strengths can be seen in his work with content management, big data, search, cloud computing, and machine learning. 

Bálint Kléri - CTO

Bálint spent the past 10 years in web development as a software engineer, architect, product owner and contributor to Drupal, with a special focus on technical strategy and e-commerce.

He gained his experience at top agencies in Scandinavia, France, Germany, and the United States.

Coming up with the right technical solution to solve a business problem is what drives him the most. Bálint has experience as a co-founder and CTO of a startup with several venture rounds.

Mark Dodgson - CXO

Mark has been working in the User Experience industry since before it had a title. With a foundational belief in design psychology, Mark has spoken at a number of events around the country about the power of persuasive patterns. He enjoys taking complex problems and aligning user goals with business objectives.

Over the last 20 years Mark has led a number of design teams and has instructed in the classrooms of his alma mater. He’s a curious innovator and has founded innovation lab programs at a number of leading agencies.

Mark’s UX and Design contributions can be found at organizations like Autodesk, Red Hat, Sonos, TripAdvisor, UCLA and Stanford University. You can schedule a virtual coffee with Mark. 

Lauren Seaton - Director of Marketing

For more than 15 years, Lauren has executed marketing and communications strategies in higher education, nonprofit consulting, software development, and web design. She has a strong investigative drive and collaborative nature, which she uses to build connection among her audiences and teams.

Lauren enjoys contributing to various startup communities, including Boulder Startup Week (Colorado). She currently leads Relevant Bits’ marketing and communications efforts. 
We work hard to find the right resources for the right roles. We think we're just the right combination of drive, intelligence, quality, humor, kindness, creativity, and humanity.

Senior Team Members

Nic Brincat
Agile Project Management Consultant
Gábor Szantó
Senior Software Engineer
Donnie Marges
Senior Software Engineer
Alin Ameiroaie
Senior Software Engineer
Dmitriy Gusev
Senior Software Engineer
Arkadiusz Goralski
Senior Software Engineer
Nicole Saric UX Researcher & Designer

We want to build something great with you.