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Influencing customer experiences with data, design, technology, and teamwork. From research and strategy to UX and custom web development, here's how we help.

Product Strategy & Management

We’re natural problem-solvers. We view the world through the lens of this skill. How can we address a problem? Fill a gap? Make things easier for people? We follow a standard product management process where we start with identifying the problem and developing a hypothesis. By focusing on the problem and the outcome, we can then work on testing our hypothesis through research and analysis before we actually do any custom web development. Once we’ve met certain milestones for each product stage, then we move onto the next. We adopt a lot of the same principles as conducting a science experience. We believe that the data is the most critical part of ensuring the success of a product.

User Experience Design

This is more than how an application looks. UX design is understanding the user journey through the application. From pages down to tooltips, we think about the experience from end-to-end -- whether it's b2b ecommerce or a virtual event experience -- and ensure that we have identified and anticipated the user’s needs.

Usability Testing

With the data to validate our approach and the UX design in hand, we can now do more testing to further validate the way that we design the solution. With simple clickable wireframes, we can learn a lot about what a user wants and expects which can help us further refine a market-ready solution.

Visual Design

Once we’ve validated that the experience will meet the needs of the user, we create the visual identity. This design is customized for the audience and can (and should) vary greatly whether the experience is for b2b ecommerce, virtual events, or community education. 

Custom Web Development

We’re an agile team. We believe in iterative development to show progress quickly and in smaller chunks of work. We’ve found that this approach helps us uncover gaps sooner and minimize the inefficiencies resulting from misunderstandings and miscommunication. As a cross-functional team, working together through every stage to make sure that everyone has been looped in from the start and shares the same vision and goals as the project leads. From b2b to b2c, we work with manufacturers, retailers, and community educators. 

QA Testing

Quality is paramount to our deliverables. Since we’re a value-based agency, it’s important that the value of the work is demonstrated in the completeness of the features as well as the quality of the application. From code reviews to end-to-end functional and cross-device testing, we work to ensure that the application is tested before it’s delivered.

We want to build something great with you.

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