Virtual coffee with Mark

Enjoy an open chat with our Chief Experience Officer. BYO beverage.

What's this all about?

Sometimes you only need a few minutes to develop a new perspective. And that's what we love about being out-and-about with clients, strangers, friends, and partners. Since COVID-19 clamped down on travel and gatherings, we've found ourselves having fewer spontaneous conversations with people we don't know well.

Let's change that. 

We miss hearing about new problems, new perspectives, and new businesses. And we think everyone could use something a little different in their day.

So, will you join Mark for a virtual coffee? 
Coffee with Mark
Schedule your virtual chat with our CXO.

Why would I want to talk with Mark?

  • Your team is trying to make a decision and you feel like everything is happening in a vacuum or an echo chamber 
  • You see the same people online from your work and you just need a change
  • You don't know much about user experience and want to learn more
  • You need a meeting on the calendar to keep your kids out of your office 
  • You just think an outside perspective might be nice to have

What should I know about Mark?

  • He's friendly and easy to talk to (in other words, he's Canadian)
  • He's really creative
  • He's super humble
  • He's a huge Liverpool Football Club fan 
  • He's honest

What should I talk with him about?

  • User experience
  • Soccer 
  • Ecommerce
  • Usability testing
  • Raising kids
  • Design and development strategies 
  • Dad jokes
  • Travel

Get me coffee (and Mark) now.