How we're different

Dear Future Partner,

In business, outcomes matter. But so does our customers’ satisfaction, pride in our work, and our own personal well-being.

We’ve discovered that to deliver the best business results in the most sustainable way, we need to prioritize us, so we can prioritize you.

That might sound strange at first, but it’s our most important practice. It means we do things like exercise before we start work, and go to bed even if there’s more project work to do (because there’s always more work to do). We take weekends off (mostly) and make sure we show up at our kids’ school activities. We celebrate our wedding anniversaries and our partners’ birthdays.

We’re telling you this because the balance is critical to our success.

Social Sustainability

People first. Burnout is a very real thing. If we’re not properly managing the impacts of our business on each other, we’re not running the business the way we promised we would.

We have an independent responsibility to ourselves to prioritize our personal well-being. And we also have an obligation to our teammates to make sure we’re all engaged, focused, and energized. It's one of the reasons we run a completely remote organization.

However, we understand that the very nature of business is that it's often unpredictable. Revised deadlines and project add-ons happen, and that is more than okay. Sometimes, it's actually exciting.

What isn't okay, is when we forget what our priorities are.

Financial Sustainability

Money matters. But we don’t want it to get in the way of doing our best work.

In our past lives, some of our favourite customers became clock watchers. They were more worried about the cost of resources than hitting their strategic goals (and rightfully so). We introduced value-based pricing, because we understand the importance of predictability.

You want to know what’s getting delivered and how much it will cost; we believe that setting a fixed cost with access to our entire team is the best method to achieve this. If we need to bring on additional resources during a sprint to hit your goal, that's on us. You continue to pay the flat monthly fee we agreed to, no matter what.

This approach is intended to show our commitment to your projects, as well as our confidence in what we can deliver.  

Customer Sustainability

Essential partnerships. We want to work with ethical, honest, hard-working, and motivated people, and we want to work with them indefinitely. It’s that simple.

So, that's our pledge

When we say, “we prioritize us,” we mean it in the most selfless way. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to partnering soon.

The Relevant Bits Team

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