New ecommerce consulting firm goes for bold branding  

Using research as the foundation, we delivered comprehensive designs for the company brand, website, presentation assets, and image library. 
“I am beyond impressed with how they were able to discover my personality and mood and turn it into a company brand.”
– Matt Glaman, principal consultant, Bluehorn Digital

About the Client


The Challenge

Define and design a new brand to support Bluehorn Digital's goal of becoming a go-to resource for ecommerce business owners.  

The Solution

Using research and design, we developed a creative and well thought-through brand identity for Bluehorn Digital.  

The Result

A comprehensive brand identity, including design wireframes for desktop and  mobile, color and typography guidelines, logo, presentation slides, and an image library.  

The Background


    Identify colour, imagery, and tone

    It was important to capture the company’s personality, which is down-to-earth, fun, and vibrant while also demonstrating deep knowledge and expertise. We went with a bold and confident look.

    Design for remote work

    Bluehorn Digital operates remotely, so any communication with clients would be done through digital formats. We designed the Bluehorn Digital brand for the screen — large print, simple images, lots of white space, and everything in landscape format.

    Use moodboards to develop the look and feel

    We were inspired by brutalism and pop art because they are bold, fun, and have a simple clean style. This helped keep the stuffiness out and bring a bold confidence in.

    Prioritize AAA accessible colours

    With a name like Bluehorn, we knew that the blue needed to be the primary focus. We picked a strong, pure blue that demonstrated confidence, trust, knowledge. And then we made sure it passed AAA accessibility standards.

    Have fun with illustrations

    We came across this series of illustrations and we knew immediately that it would fit Bluehorn Digital's personality. The images are simple, comic-book inspired with a modern isometric layout. They fit the vibrant, blocky, and bold esthetic perfectly.

    The website design process

    Because Bluehorn’s services are highly specialized and customized, we needed a place to allow users to ask questions and find out how Bluehorn Digital could help them. We designed an interactive experience throughout the site that would encourage users to feel comfortable engaging.

    Design an interactive search bot

    Since Bluehorn’s services are highly technical, we didn’t want visitors to browse aimlessly through the site and get discouraged or overwhelmed. For that reason, we veered away from the traditional pop-up chat bot that can “over-engage.”

    Personal & Custom

    After a user lands on the site, we address them with the name of their city (through IP locators), and give them the option to associate a name with their account. 

    Personal & Useful

    We added a convenient search feature to help users find information easily. This bot also offers to send these articles directly to the user’s email for future reference.

    Personal & Natural

    These interactions should feel organic, so the bot is designed to ask specific questions only when those questions would naturally arise. 

    Capture Bluehorn's personality

    While some traditional consulting services are sterile and serious, Bluehorn wanted to be inclusive or attainable. The goal was to appear relatable, relaxed, and (humbly) confident.
    – Nicole Saric, UX & Visual Designer, Relevant Bits

    Develop illustration library

    Using the illustrations that were licensed for the website, we isolated individual elements and created a catalogue of over 300 images for Bluehorn Digital to use on other branded assets, such as presentation slide decks.
    – Mark Dodgson, CXO at Relevant Bits

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