Modernizing B2B ecommerce for the global customer

Today’s B2B users expect a B2C ecommerce experience - something that's simple, straightforward, and efficient. So, that’s exactly what we delivered. 
"Because Relevant Bits understood Corevist and its customers, they did a fantastic job of designing something that’s visually appealing and does exactly what users need and expect it to do – that’s the very definition of a great user experience."
Ray Mannion – Director of Product, Corevist

The Challenge

Corevist has experienced year-over-year growth for more than a decade. But the pace at which they developed their products to meet the continuous demand, resulted in extensive complications. The company faced scalability issues, UX challenges, design inconsistencies, and growing technical debt. It was time to take back control. 
User Experience

Understand Corevist's customers fully

We assessed hundreds of user recordings, analytical data points, heatmaps, scrollmaps, clickmaps, competitor analysis, customer surveys, and customized screenshot comparisons. And we conducted user and stakeholder interviews to learn how the basic application worked.
User Experience

Experiment fearlessly using levels of cognitive hierarchy

Focusing on user tasks, we experimented with content hierarchy and next step recognition … and we had so much fun.
Visual Design

Accurately visualize the end product

By designing hi-fidelity comps, we helped Corevist visualize how the product would look once the final design system was implemented.
Design Language

Create design consistency across products

To prepare for the development of the React-based design system, we disassembled all of the visual comps into individual design elements.
“Right away, they earned our trust and we saw the value. Relevant Bits really gets us and what we do – we didn’t have to educate them the way we usually do with service providers. What a relief that was to all of us.”
Ray Mannion – Director of Product, Corevist

Convert design patterns for React

Each design pattern created in the visual design stage was developed in React. These components are the foundational building blocks for every page, screen, and device.

Build an exceptional architectural prototype

We built a prototype to show how the design system could facilitate a seamless experience across Magento and the Corevist Rails app.

Create a functional user interface (UI) test suite

Making changes to the UI could potentially break existing patterns. We built an automated test suite that ensures the new patterns are tested against the existing ones while they're being developed. 

We want to build something great with you.