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Top B2B ecommerce trends for 2021

Improving the overall ecommerce experience has been a rising topic in recent years. However, while B2C ecommerce has gained traction in personalization and efficiency, B2B ecommerce has been slow to follow. The last few years are however showing an improvement. Ecommerce was projected to account for 17 percent of all B2B sales in 2023, reaching […]
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Designing with Empathy: Accessibility, Usability, and Inclusion

Earlier this year, I completed my graphic design program. Three years of eating, sleeping and drinking design like it is air. On the first day my design program, written in big bold letters on the whiteboard at the front of my class: “GRAPHIC DESIGN IS VISUAL COMMUNICATION” This definition has become the driving force behind […]
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Crowd of people crossing a street

Are computers biased? Knowing the risks of machine learning

We live in a world with an exponential dependence on artificial intelligence and machine learning. From fraud detection to medical diagnostics, we trust computers to handle an increasing number of tasks once managed by their human counterparts. But in doing so, can we be confident that the decisions and recommendations are made free of bias […]
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The Agile Project Manager: Providing value and vision

As a team working everyday on web development projects that span the complex worlds of ecommerce and community education, we know what can go wrong and how quickly it can happen. Part of the answer is to employ an experienced agile project manager to guide the team and ensure goals are met on time.    Project management […]
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