Coming together through creativity

Recently, I met with Ed, Mark, and Bálint and we talked about a variety of marketing-related things, but one of the main topics was content — specifically, Relevant Bits’ original content. At the end of the meeting we had determined that we needed to 1) write more for our blog and 2) get more of the team involved. 


I love everything about this, because I truly believe that everyone’s voice should be heard and shared. Bálint and Ed, for example, are technically knowledgeable. I am not. 


I cannot write about React, Drupal, or WordPress the same way they can. I certainly can’t do it for a technical audience. So, it’s important that I help get our voices out. I like to think of my role as making sure our expertise is shared widely. To do that, I need the experts. 


But we’re all busy and it’s always difficult to get someone to step away from their primary role to write. 


So, I had this idea. 


The UX Collective recently put out their annual trends report – 100 Design Lessons for 2021. I looked through it and wondered what it would be like if members from our team were given one of the statements or questions and asked to write an article around it. I ran the idea past a few people and then sent the following email to our crew: 


Hi Bits Brigade, 

We’re going to start publishing more original content on our Blog soon. Exciting, you say? You bet!

I have this idea to start. There’s a document called the “100 Design Lessons for 2021”. It is full of short statements like, “We need to rethink our 2021 reading list”, “Shop local”, and “We need to find ways to talk about tech issues in accessible terms.” 

I have pulled a series of these statements out and randomly assigned them to each of us. My idea is we each take a look at our assigned statement and write (or draw/photograph/record) something that it inspires in you. What first comes to your mind? It can — but doesn’t have to — be related to work. 

I’m going to leave this here for now. If you have questions — which you probably will, please reach out. Also, if there is a statement in the 100 Design Lessons document that really speaks to you, let me know. I chose randomly and we can always switch. 

Have a great night, 



Over the next several weeks/months/(maybe years?), we will publish the pieces our team puts together. I don’t know exactly what will happen with it, but I’m excited to see what Nic does with the phrase, “You’re Muted.” 


Stick around to find out. 

First up is Ed with #45, “In a world without offices, what is a company?” (Also, not that 45).

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