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15. Our job description is changing, and that’s okay.

My father worked for several employers throughout his career but he was at the last one for more than 30 years. That was normal for the time. Find a good job and keep it. Don’t let go of a 401k, pension, or health insurance.    When I quit my nice secure position at the University […]

9. You’re muted.

You’re muted! No, still can’t hear you! Words we’ve heard and said too many times in the past 12 months, whether you’re serious or trying to mess with a colleague (we do it out of love, Mark).    The global pandemic has forced those who are able to shift from office-based working to remote / […]
Company virtual coffee tasting

45. In a world without offices, what is a company?

I spent over 20 years defining my identity within the walls of a corporate office. Outside of the work, which most days I loved, that space created memories, laughter, joy, sadness, and relationships that I treasure to this very day. I enjoyed tossing around an idea at a colleague’s desk, brainstorming in front of a […]

The Agile Project Manager: Providing value and vision

As a team working everyday on web development projects that span the complex worlds of ecommerce and community education, we know what can go wrong and how quickly it can happen. Part of the answer is to employ an experienced agile project manager to guide the team and ensure goals are met on time.    Project management […]